Ability definition

Ability definition is a Bible dictionary definition on this concept, being able to do something.

a-bil´i-ti (δύναμις, dúnamis, or ισχύς, ischús): Variously used of resources, material, mental and spiritual; e.g. of wealth, “gave after their ability” (Ezr 2:69); of mental endowment, “ability to stand in the king’s palace” (Dan 1:4); of talents and character, “several ability” (Mat 25:15); of spiritual strength, “minister, as of the ability which God giveth” (the King James Version 1Pe 4:11). It thus may signify either possessions, native capacity, or gifts of the Holy Spirit. – ISBE

So this concept is that a person has all that is necessary in order to do something, to accomplish something. This would include resources, talent, energy, knowledge (and wisdom).

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