Ark of the Covenant

Ark of the Covenant
David Cox’s Topical Bible Concordance

Ark of the Covenant.
Dimensions, &c of Ex 25:10; 37:1
Entirely covered with gold Ex 25:11; 37:2
Surrounded with a crown of gold Ex 25:11
Furnished with rings and staves Ex 25:12-15; 37:3-5
Tables of testimony alone placed in Ex 25:16,21; 1Ki 8:9,21; 2Ch 5:10; Heb 9:4
Mercy-seat laid upon Ex 25:21; 26:34
Placed in the Holy of Holies Ex 26:33; 40:21; Heb 9:3,4
The pot of manna and Aaron’s rod laid up before Heb 9:4; Ex 16:33,34; Nu 17:10
A copy of the law laid in the side of De 31:26
Anointed with sacred oil Ex 30:26
Covered with the vail by the priests before removal Nu 4:5,6
Was called the
Ark of God. 1Sa 3:3
Ark of God’s strength. 2Ch 6:41; Ps 132:8
Ark of the covenant of the Lord. Nu 10:33
Ark of the testimony. Ex 30:6; Nu 7:89
A symbol of the presence and glory of God Nu 14:43,44; Jos 1:6; 1Sa 14:18,19; Ps 132:8
Esteemed the glory of Israel 1Sa 4:21,22
Was holy 2Ch 35:3
Sanctified its resting place 2Ch 8:11
The Israelites enquired of the Lord before Jos 7:6-9; Jdj 20:27; 1Ch 13:3
Was carried
By priests of Levites alone. De 10:8; Jos 3:14; 2Sa 15:24; 1Ch 15:2
Before the Israelites in their journeys. Nu 10:33; Jos 3:6
Sometimes to the camp in war. 1Sa 4:4,5
Profanation of, punished Nu 4:5,15; 1Sa 6:19; 1Ch 15:13
Protecting of, rewarded 1Ch 13:14
Captured by the Philistines 1Sa 4:11
Miracles connected with
Jordan divided. Jos 4:7
Fall of the walls of Jericho. Jos 6:6-20
Fall of Dagon. 1Sa 5:1-4
Philistines plagued. 1Sa 5:6-12
Manner of its restoration. 1Sa 6:1-18
At Kirjath-jearim twenty years 1Sa 7:1,2
Removed from Kirjath-jearim to the house of Obed-edom 2Sa 6:1-11
David made a tent for 2Sa 6:17; 1Ch 15:1
Brought into the city of David 2Sa 6:12-15; 1Ch 15:25-28
Brought by Solomon into the temple with great solemnity 1Ki 8:1-6; 2Ch 5:2-9
A type of Christ Ps 40:8; Re 11:19