This is a kind of worm.


Three biblical references: Joel 1:4; 2:25; Amos 4:9.



The word is gazam, from a root signifying ‘to cut off,’ and is supposed to refer to some species of caterpillar, but to which is unknown. The devastations it causes are mentioned in Joe 1:4 2:25 Am 4:9.


gazam. (See LOCUST) Joe 1:4; Joe 2:25; Amo 4:9.


(Heb. gazam) occurs (Joel 1:4; 2:25; Amos 4:9) It is maintained by many that gazam denotes some species of locust. but it is more probably a caterpillar.



Palmerworm (see Worm).

Source: [Anon-Animals]