Welcome to my Bible Dictionary site!

Welcome to my Bible Dictionary site! This website is my poor attempt at helping Christians in defining various words in their Bible

Thanks for using my Bible Dictionary. This is a work in progress. In other words, I am constantly working on it. I have around 70 or more Bible Dictionaries in various formats, the majority are public domain. A good number of these Bible Dictionaries are not on the Internet in other places. What I am doing is slowly using a dual process of going into one Bible Dictionary and adding each entry into this database. At the same time the second process is to take a single important word, and look it up in all the dictionaries I have. Lastly I am formulating my own definitions from my own Bible studies, experience, reference works, and these dictionary entries. That being the case, this dictionary will constantly be a work in progress.         We are Mobile activated! Look us up on your phone!

Please note a few things…

My category of “mythical animals” does not mean I don’t believe that they existed. These are animals which are shadowed in mystery because we do not know exactly what they were/are, and since we do not have these animals today, we consider them as extinct, or some people would say that they were more mythical than truth. I believe that they existed in some form in Bible times, and for sake of a better word, I am using the word mythical.

This website is being constantly expanded. Note that some entries have a plus after their title “+”. This means that the entry is more sustantial than the rest.

I am constantly adding new Bible Dictionary definitions and my own notes. Please be patient and keep using the dictionary as it grows.

This dictionary is copyrighted. If you want the public domain dictionary definitions, they are available elsewhere, and many times I intersperse my notes in these definitions, so please do not copy them in any form, nor format shift this information. COPYING AND REPUBLISHING IN ANY FORM IS PROHIBITED!

Note that I am still interlinking things within the dictionary, so many (most) of the definitions will be changed/amplified in the near future.