Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost


Amtract dictionary entry for Holy Spirit

Personal Comment – The third person of the Trinity or the Holy Spirit is a personal being that is characterized most strongly by being holy. He is separated unto righteousness, goodness, and what is at the essence of the character of God. Those that have dealings, relationship and communion with the Holy Spirit become holy as a forced event. If the person does not desire this holiness, the relationship is tapered off until it is terminated.

The third person in the blessed Trinity. He is said to proceed from the Father, and to be sent by the Father and the Son upon disciples, Joh 14:26; 15:26; to be the Spirit of the Father, Mt 10:20 1Co 2:11; and the Spirit of Christ, Ga 4:6 Php 1:19.

That he is a real PERSON and not merely an attribute or emanation of God, is clear from the numerous passages in the Bible which describe him as exercising the acts, thoughts, emotions, and volition of a distinct intelligent person. None other could be pleased, vexed, and grieved, could speak, console, and intercede, or divide his gifts severally to everyone, as he will. So also, in Greek as in English, the personal masculine pronouns would be necessary.

That he is a DIVINE PERSON, equally with the Father, and the Son, is proved from his association with them in a great variety of acts purely divine; as in the work of creation, Ge 1:2 Ps 33:6; 104:30. He is honored as they are in the baptismal formula, Mt 28:19, and in the apostolic benediction, 2Co 13:14. He receives the name, 2Co 3:17, and exercises the attributes of God, Ro 8:14 1Co 2:10; 6:19 Heb 9:14. He is prayed to as God, Rev 1:4, 5; sin against him is a sin against God, Ac 5:3, 4 Eph 4:30; and blasphemy against him is unpardonable, Mt 12:31.

The WORK of the Holy Spirit is divine. Of old, he inspired the sacred writers and teachers and imparted miraculous gifts. Under the Christian dispensation, he applies the salvation of Christ to men’s hearts, convincing them of sin, Joh 16:8, 9; showing them “the things of Christ,” illuminating and regenerating them, Joh 3:5 Eph 2:1. He is the Comforter of the church, aids believers in prayer, witnesses with and intercedes for them, direct them in duty, and sanctifies them for heaven.