Amtract entry for hypocrite

Personal Comment – hypocrites is to present oneself as one thing when in reality they are something else entirely. Hypocrisy is just the opposite of what God is. God is a certain thing, and he presents himself as that thing. God is always true and presents things as they are, including in his presentation of himself to us. The point here of being deceptive is at the heart of Satan, and people that are hypocrites are exactly like Satan, presenting one set of norms, standards, or lifestyle when in reality they really are something totally different and opposite in spiritual nature.

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Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost


Amtract dictionary entry for Holy Spirit

Personal Comment – The third person of the Trinity or the Holy Spirit is a personal being that is characterized most strongly by being holy. He is separated unto righteousness, goodness, and what is at the essence of the character of God. Those that have dealings, relationship and communion with the Holy Spirit become holy as a forced event. If the person does not desire this holiness, the relationship is tapered off until it is terminated.

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Holy, Holiness


Amtract dictionary entry on Holy Holiness

Personal Note – Holy means separated from the common, mundane of the world, and especially from the commonness which is now man, i.e. sin. Holy refers to that which pertains to God and his distinctiveness which is based in his character, purity, goodness, rightness, etc. We are holy when we become like God. That which is not like God is unholy, and there is yet further degrees of unholiness which become abominations in God’s sight. Holiness is a way of living that is pleasing in the sight of God, and this means being like Christ, being like God.

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Hyena. Hyenas were plentiful in Bible times. “Doleful creatures” (KJV) and “beasts of the field” (Is. 13:21; Jer. 12:9) may refer to hyenas. The place name Zeboim (1 Sam. 13:18; Neh. 11:34) means “hyena.” A member of the dog family, hyenas have square snouts and powerful jaws. They run down prey and may even attack human beings. The Israelites hated hyenas and considered them unclean because they are scavengers. Sometimes they would even dig up and devour dead bodies. Hyenas hunt at night. Their eerie howls sound like demented laughter. A reference by the prophet Isaiah to the hyena is also translated as jackal (Is. 13:22), (RSV). Also see Jackal.

Source: [Anon-Animals]


Horse. Horses are mentioned often in the Bible. But they were of little importance to the average Hebrew, who found it more practical to keep a donkey to ride or an ox to pull the plow. Horses were traded for food when money failed during a famine in Egypt (Gen. 47:17). Some kings used swift horses rather than camels to carry messages (Esth. 8:10,14). But for the most part, Hebrews thought of horses in terms of war. Continue reading