on the other side Jordan, in the plains of Moab and tribe of Reuben, opposite Jericho, Num 22:1; 33:49. It was here that the Israelites pitched their camp under Moses previous to their passing the Jordan under Joshua, their lines extending from Beth-jesimoth to Abel-Shittim. It is supposed to be the same with Shittim mentioned Num 25:1; Joshua 2:1; 3:1; Mic 6:5, or at any rate, that Shittim was the district, and Abel-Shittim the valley or plain in it; whence the marginal reading at Num 33:49 is, the Plains of Shittim. The Valley of Shittim is specially mentioned, Joel 3:18, but there it is usually supposed to be an appellative for some Valley of the Acacias, as the name is thought to signifiy. Abel-Shittim appears, from its being connected with Gilgal by the prophet Micah, to have been at no great distance from the Jordan. Joseph, who calls it Abila, places it about 60 furlongs from  it. Eusebius states it to have been in the neighborhood of Mt. Peor. It was here, that, seduced by Balak, the Israelites fell into sin, in the matter of Baal-peor, when so many of them were visited with death for theirtransgression: and to this destruction of them some attribute the origin of the name, Abel-Shittim, i.e. the Mourning of Shittim. This, however, is doubtful. See Shittim. It was from this place that Joshua sent out the two spies to Jericho; and that he and the Israelites finally removed to take up a position on the banks of Jordan, prior to their passing the river. It is suspposed that Shittim obtained its name from the abundance of Shittim wood in this neighbourhood, and which is so often mentioned in the book of Exodus; it appears to have been one of the sweet-scented acacias, still very much prized for its hardness and beauty.