Deceiver of the World

This title for Satan is one which reveals his character as a Deceiver or a Liar. To clarify things, God is an honest person, in which what He says is the way things are. God, because of the essence of his character, i.e. Truth, does not use deception, lying, nor false things to work His will. The mark of God is truth, open, honest, and forthright truth. God works through the presentation of reality, of truth, the way things really are. Seeing the truth of God, the person has a moral decision to make of trusting God or not believing God. This is called faith or unbelief. What makes trusting God “work” is the fact that God does not lie nor deceive. Therefore all that trust what He says will be assured that He will complete what He promises.

Satan from his character is one who has rejected truth as the modus aperendi of his life. He no longer uses truth to present what is true, but he twists, turns, reinterpretes, and does other false presentations so that people do what HE WANTS THEM TO DO, when it is not in their best interests. This is how Satan works. It is an integral part of his character. Whatever Satan says is wrong. Satan will use Scripture as he did in Christ’s temptation, but he will always be putting a twist or spin on things so that they work his will through a deception.

For example, Satan promised Adam and Eve that if they ate of the forbidden fruit, that they would be as gods, knowing the difference between good and evil. The entire statement is a lie. They would not be as gods, with the power of God Almighty. By experience, they would know what sin is, but this is not “being like God”. This is the problem with whatever Satan tells you, at first sight it looks good and desireable, but after you have fallen into his trap, you will suffer.