Definition of the Antichrist

Definition of the Antichrist

His General Origin

We have to understand the character of Satan, that it is contrary to God. Actually it is diametrically opposed to God’s character. What is in one, the opposite is in the other. Satan doesn’t even treat his own with care and generosity. No. Satan is distinct in his character in that he is 100% in opposition to God.

In general terms, it is very important to understand the limitations of Satan because this is very, very important in order to understand how he wars against God and against us. First, Satan is only a fallen angel, not a god in himself. We err greatly if we presume too much in the person of Satan.

Satan is incapable of real creation. He can only deceive people into thinking that he is a god. But Satan cannot take a human form. When the messengers of God were sent to see the events of Sodom, they appeared before Abraham and they were mistaken as humans. They ate as normal humans would eat. It appears that they had bodies like men. In the fall of Satan from heaven, it would appear that the punishment of God included the loss of a physical body somehow.

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