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The first man. The name is supposed to be derived from Adamah, ‘earth, or red earth,’ agreeing with the fact that “the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, Gen. 2:7. He differed from all other creatures, because God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, by which man became a living soul. He differed also in being made after the image and likeness of God:he was God’s representative on earth, and to him was given dominion over all other living things, and he gave them names. He was placed in the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it, showing that occupation was a good thing for man even in innocence. God said also that it was not good for man to be alone, so He caused him to sleep, took from him a rib, and of this ‘builded’ a woman. Adam called her Isha for she was taken out of Ish, man:the two being a type of Christ and the church, in the closest union:cf. Eph. 5:31, 32.

Adam and Eve were permitted to eat of all the trees of the garden except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil:of the which if they ate, in the same day they should die. Eve, being beguiled by Satan, ate of that tree; and at her suggestion, though not deceived as Eve was, Adam also took of it. Their eyes were at once opened, they knew they were naked, and hid themselves from God. They were transgressors, had fallen from their state of innocence, and acquired a conscience, and with it the sense of their own evil and guilt. When questioned by God, Adam laid the blame on Eve, ungratefully saying, “the woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.” The ground was then cursed for Adam’s sake:in sorrow he should eat of it all his life:thorns and thistles should be produced, and in the sweat of his face he should eat bread.

God made for Adam and Eve coats of skins and clothed them, foreshadowing the need for a vicarious sacrifice, and the righteousness that could only come to them through death. They were driven from the garden, and Cherubim with a flaming sword prevented them re-entering, lest they should eat of the tree of life and live for ever in their sin. Adam did not beget a son until after his fall:hence all mankind are alike fallen creatures. Acts 17:26; Rom. 5:18, 19; 1 Cor. 15:22. Adam lived 930 years and begat sons and daughters. We have no details of the life of Adam as a fallen man. Viewed typically as head of a race he stands in marked contrast to Christ, the last Adam.



H121 G76
• 1. The first man

– Creation of
Gen 1:26-28; Gen 2:7; 1Cor 15:45; 1Tim 2:13

– History of, before he sinned
Gen 1:26-30; Gen 2:16-25

– Temptation and sin of
Gen 3; Job 31:33; Isa 43:27; Hos 6:7; Rom 5:14-21; 1Tim 2:14

– Subsequent history of
Gen 3:20-24; Gen 4:1-2; Gen 4:25; Gen 5:1-5

– His death
Gen 5:5

– Progenitor of the human race
Deut 32:8; Mal 2:10

– Brought sin into the world
1Cor 15:22; 1Cor 15:45

– Type of Christ
Rom 5:14

• 2. A name of Christ
1Cor 15:45; 1Cor 15:47

• 3. A city near the Jordan
Josh 3:16


(1): a city on the Jordan, “beside Zaretan,” in the time of Joshua. (Joshua 3:16)
(2): Man , generically, for the name Adam was not confined to the father of the human race, but like homo was applicable to woman as well as to man . (Genesis 5:2)
(3): (red earth), the name given in Scripture to the first man. It apparently has reference to the ground from which he was formed, which is called in Hebrew Adamah . The idea of redness of color seems to be inherent in either word. The creation of man was the work of the sixth day–the last and crowning act of creation. Adam was created (not born) a perfect man in body and spirit, but as innocent and completely inexperienced as a child. The man Adam was placed in a garden which the Lord God had planted “eastward in Eden,” for the purpose of dressing it and keeping it. [EDEN] Adam was permitted to eat of the fruit of every tree in the garden but one, which was called (“the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,” because it was the test of Adam’s obedience. By it Adam could know good and evil int he divine way, through obedience; thus knowing good by experience in resisting temptation and forming a strong and holy character, while he knew evil only by observation and inference. Or he could “know good and evil,” in Satan’s way, be experiencing the evil and knowing good only by contrast. -ED.) The prohibition to taste the fruit of this tree was enforced by the menace of death. There was also another tree which was called “the tree of life.” While Adam was in the garden of Eden, the beasts of the field and the fowls of the air were brought to him to be named. After this the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon him, and took one of his ribs from him, which he fashioned into a woman and brought her to the man. At this time they were both described as being naked without the consciousness of shame. By the subtlety of the serpent the woman who was given to be with Adam was beguiled into a violation of the one command which had been imposed upon them. She took of the fruit of the forbidden tree and gave it to her husband. The propriety of its name was immediately shown in the results which followed; self-consciousness was the first-fruits of sin their eyes were opened and they knew that they were naked. Though the curse of Adam’s rebellion of necessity fell upon him, yet the very prohibition to eat of the tree of life after his transgression was probably a manifestation of divine mercy, because the greatest malediction of all would have been to have the gift of indestructible life super-added to a state of wretchedness and sin. The divine mercy was also shown in the promise of a deliverer given at the very promise of a deliverer given at the very time the curse was imposed, (Genesis 3:15) and opening a door of hope to Paradise, regained for him and his descendants. Adam is stated to have lived 930 years. His sons mentioned in Scripture are Cain, Abel and Seth; it is implied, however, that he had others.


Gen 5:2 (c) This man is a type of CHRIST in that he was the head of the human family, and

CHRIST is the head of GOD’s family.
Adam was sinless in the first part of his life, and then deliberately and knowingly became a partner in Eve’s sin in order that he might be with her, partake of her punishment, and continue to have her for his very own.
So our Lord JESUS was sinless and perfect.
– He willingly and knowingly took upon Himself the form of a servant,
– and was made sin for us that He might forever have us with Him. (See 1Ti 2:14). As by the sin of Adam all who are in Adam were made sinners, so by the obedience of CHRIST all who are in CHRIST are made righteous (Rom 5:18).

Rom 5:19 (b) Adam was the first of the earthly family and CHRIST is the first of the heavenly family. Our bodies are in the likeness of Adam, and in the new creation we shall be like CHRIST, the last Adam.