Amtract entry for Minister

Personal Comment – A minister is a slave or servant (ownership is not particularly a concept with this concept, so whether the servant is your property or you are paying him as an employee, or he is doing this of his own free will, all are mixed in the concept). The concept here is that somebody is doing things for your personal benefit, or to an organization (ministers serve God by serving the church which is made up of individual members). The principle concept is to be of use or service to the one you serve.

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One who attends or waits on another, Mt 20:28; so Elisha was the minister of Elijah, 1Ki 19:21 2Ki 3:11. These persons did not feel themselves degraded by their stations, and in due time they succeeded to the office of their masters. In like manner, John Mark was minister to Paul and Barnabas, Ac 13:5. Angels are ministers of God and of his people, Ps 103:21 Heb 1:14. The term is applied to one who performs any function, or administers any office or agency: as to magistrates, Ro 15:16 1Co 4:1; 5:5; and to teachers of error, 2Co 11:15. Christ came to minister, not to be ministered unto; and is called in another sense a minister “of the circumcision,” Ro 15:8, and of the heavenly sanctuary, Heb 8:2.