Amtract entry for hypocrite

Personal Comment – hypocrites is to present oneself as one thing when in reality they are something else entirely. Hypocrisy is just the opposite of what God is. God is a certain thing, and he presents himself as that thing. God is always true and presents things as they are, including in his presentation of himself to us. The point here of being deceptive is at the heart of Satan, and people that are hypocrites are exactly like Satan, presenting one set of norms, standards, or lifestyle when in reality they really are something totally different and opposite in spiritual nature.


One who, like a stage-player, feigns to be what he is not. The epithet is generally applied to those who assume the appearance of virtue or piety, without possessing the reality. Our Savior accused the Pharisees of hypocrisy, Lu 12:1.

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