Jackal. The prophet Isaiah spoke of jackals– wild dogs that make their dens in desolate places (Is. 34:13). As scavengers, jackals also fed on garbage in towns and villages in Bible times.

Jackals have an unpleasant smell, and they make a yapping and howling noise at night. They are also agricultural pests. Palestinian farmers put up shelters for watchmen, who guarded their cucumber fields against jackals. Some farmers heaped up whitewashed stones to frighten the jackals, just as scarecrows are used in other places.

Bible references to jackals are confusing, since jackal, fox, dragon, and wolf may be used interchangeably, depending on the translation. The “foxes” to whose tails Samson tied torches were probably jackals which, unlike foxes, travel in packs (Judg. 15:4). Also see Fox.

Source: [Anon-Animals]

Jesus Christ


Entry for Jesus Christ from Amtract Dictionary

Personal Comment – The terminology is very specific. Jesus Christ is a person that exists forever because he is fully God, and he took on humanity to complete the salvation of man’s souls. Jesus comes from the OT Joshua, or Jehovah is salvation. Christ comes from the concept of Messiah or the anointed to do a very special task before God. In Jesus’ case, to execute salvation for God and mankind.

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