Cattle. Are animals which are kept and bred in order to harvest something from them for food or clothing. (Sheep for wool, cows for milk and meat.)

If we think of cattle as a group of cows, we must adjust our thinking when we read the Bible. The word cattle is usually a general reference to livestock (Gen. 30:32; 31:10). What we think of as cattle, the Bible calls oxen. A wild ox– a massive, untamable beast– is also mentioned (Job 39:9-10). The KJV calls it a unicorn.

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Cho, David Yonggi

David Yonggi Cho is an analysis of this false prophet’s errors and wrong conduct.

Se Church Growth through Cell Groups (Posts on Aug 16, 2021)

Cho (born in 1936, still living) is a Pentecostal pastor in South Korea. He is the founder or creator of the Church Growth Movement involving cells (Castellanos is another major player here). Cho has boasted that his church is the largest in the world, with 850,000 members, 11 choirs, 600 assistant pastors (400 of them are women), and 50,000 cell groups (of which 47,000 are women). Cho is plainly a Pentecostal in his beliefs and practices, with a mixture of Hinduism entering in at points. He believes in standard Pentecostal fair, healings, miracles, speaking in ecstatic tongues, all the charismatic gifts as being active today like in apostolic times, etc.

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