alternative spelling “Zelpha”.
meaning “droping” or “drooping”, a trickling down, (a distillation from the mouth)
The Syrian maid of Leah (given to her by Laban Gen 29:24) to serve her as her attendant, who became the secondary wife of Jacob, and the mother of Gad and Asher, Gen 29:24; 30:9-13; 35:26; 37:2; 46:18.


meaning “praise-worthy”

  1. A prince in the tribe of Simeon which was slain by Phinehas for his dramatic crime of bringing a Midianitish woman, Cozbi, into his tent on the plains of Moab Num 25:6-15. This came from Israel0s impure worship of Baal Peor. Phinehas gained “everlasting priesthood” by thrusting both through to stay the plague.
  2. A general of half of the calvary of Elah king of Israel. He led a rebellion against his master and killed him, usurping his kingdom from him. He cut off the whole family not sparing anyone, even his relations nor friends. This was to fulfill Jeremiah’s curse of God on Baasha the father of Elah. Zimri ruled only 7 days, and he was deposed quickly by Omri. His end was to see the approaching army, and he burned himself to death in the palace 1Ki 16:1-20; 2Ki 9:31.
  3. Son of Salu, a Simeonite: with a Midianitish woman he was slain by Phinehas. Nu 25:14.
  4. Son of Zerah, a son of Judah. 1Ch 2:6.
  5. Son of Jehoadah, a Benjamite. 1Ch 8:36 9:42.
  6. An unknown place or tribe mentioned among the nations to be destroyed. Jer 25:25.