Goat. In Bible times, Hebrew shepherds treasured the goat because it was such a useful animal. They wove its hair into a type of rough cloth. They drank the goat’s milk which is sweet and more nutritious than cow’s milk– ideal for making cheese. They even used goatskin bottles to transport water and wine. When the hide of these containers wore thin, they leaked and had to be patched (Josh. 9:4; Matt. 9:17).
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Grasshopper. Numerous references to grasshoppers and locusts in the Bible show what an impact these insects had in the hot, dry lands of the ancient world. Some of these references are literal (Ex. 10:4-19) while others are symbolic (Num. 13:33).

The terms grasshopper and locust are often used interchangeably. A locust is one kind of grasshopper. Another term used rarely for these insects is katydid (Lev. 11:22), (NIV). It has a brown-colored body two to three inches long. Airborne, with two sets of wings, the locust was dreaded because of its destructive power as a foliage-eating insect in the ancient world.
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