Fish. According to one authority, 45 species of fish are found in the inland waters of Palestine. Many more live in the Mediterranean Sea. But the Bible gives no details on any specific species of fish.

Fish, just like other animals, were divided into clean and unclean categories. Fish with fins and scales were considered clean, and they made a popular Sabbath meal. Unclean fish included catfish, eels, and probably sharks and lampreys, as well as shellfish. The Hebrews also considered whales and porpoises as fish, since they lived in the sea.
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badger, dugong

badger, dugong is an animal mentioned in the Bible that has a skin, which was used for various things in biblical life, most notably the tabernacle.

Note that we are not 100% sure what this animal was/is. Most of these definitions are experts opinions more than accurate modern knowledge of the animal like what we know is an a lion or such.

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