A bat is a four footed beast of the ravenous sort. Each foot has five toes, and the forefeet are connected with a membrane, and expand into a sort of wing. Its mouth is like that of quadruped, not like a bird, and it is covered with hair. It gives birth to live young, not eggs, and resembles greatly a mouse. The female gives milk to its young, and these young cling to her chest. During winter bats cover themselves with their wings and hang in dry, dark places. In summer they do likewise in the day, and they hunt for food at night catching moths and insects. They cannot be tamed.
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badger, dugong

badger, dugong is an animal mentioned in the Bible that has a skin, which was used for various things in biblical life, most notably the tabernacle.

Note that we are not 100% sure what this animal was/is. Most of these definitions are experts opinions more than accurate modern knowledge of the animal like what we know is an a lion or such.

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Behemoth. A “behemoth” has the general idea of a very large animal. While this is its idea, the specific animal referred to in the Bible is in question, a bison, or some other animal.

The largeness or large size of the animal is what is the concept. These animals were like elephants only bigger. They move about and anything or anybody in their way is in danger of their weight and size.

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