Potter’s Wheel

Potter’s Wheel is used in Scripture to represent a creating God. In other words, it highlights the fact that God has unlimited and unrestricted creative abilities, both in what He makes as well as what characteristics He endows His creatures with.

Potter’s Wheel Meaning

The Potter’s Wheel has a symbolism associated with it. He describes the creative activity of God in making things the way He wishes them to be.

God cannot be held responsible for how He makes things. There is no right of a creature to demand or rebuke God for how He made them. God works according to the method that brings glory to Himself, how he decides, and neither man nor angel has the right to rebuke God for anything. Satan will use anything he can to attack the righteousness of God, but Satan has to deal with God as his Creator, and as sure he (being a creature like us) has no authority nor right to tell God He has worked incorrectly.

The no-rebuke and no-complaint points are very important because a creature must accept the will of the Creator for their life. The potter makes one vessel for glory and another for dishonor. For example, one vessel to sit on the table while you eat, and another to wash your backside after going to the bathroom. One light is a chandelier and another one is a hall light for the bathroom at night. That is the decision of the Potter and not the thing created.

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God as Creator are works about God’s bring other things, persons, etc. into existence in the Creation that God has made. This act is God acting as a Creator. God thinks and works holistically. God made man, but God also made animals and plants before he made man so that man could sustain himself by having things to eat. Furthermore, God made man, but God in his wisdom understood that man alone is really boring and depressing, so he made a different kind of “man”, woman. That really livened thing up for man and men!

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David Cox’s Topical Bible Concordance

Arts of The.
Apothecary or perfumer Ex 30:25,35
Armourer 1Sa 8:12
Baker Ge 40:1; 1Sa 8:13
Brick-maker Ge 11:3; Ex 5:7,8,18
Brazier Ge 4:22; 2Ti 4:14
Blacksmith Ge 4:22; 1Sa 13:19
Carver Ex 31:5; 1Ki 6:18
Carpenter 2Sa 5:11; Mr 6:3
Calker Eze 27:9,27
Confectioner 1Sa 8:13
Dyer Ex 25:5
Embroiderer Ex 35:35; 38:23
Embalmer Ge 50:2,3,26
Engraver Ex 28:11; Isa 49:16; 2Co 3:7
Founder Jdj 17:4; Jer 10:9
Fuller 2Ki 18:17; Mr 9:3
Gardener Jer 29:5; Joh 20:15
Goldsmith Isa 40:19
Husbandman Ge 4:2; 9:20
Mariner, &c Eze 27:8,9
Mason 2Sa 5:11; 2Ch 24:12
Musician 1Sa 18:6; 1Ch 15:16
Potter Isa 64:8; Jer 18:3; La 4:2; Zec 11:13
Refiner of metals 1Ch 28:18; Mal 3:2,3
Rope maker Jdj 16:11
Silversmith Ac 19:24
Stone cutter Ex 20:25; 1Ch 22:15
Ship builder 1Ki 9:26
Smelter of metals Job 28:2
Spinner Ex 35:25; Pr 31:19
Tailor Ex 28:3
Tanner Ac 9:43; 10:6
Tent-maker Ge 4:20; Ac 18:3
Weaver Ex 35:35; Joh 19:23
Wine-maker Ne 13:15; Isa 63:3
Writer Jdj 5:14