Potter’s Wheel

Potter’s Wheel is used in Scripture to represent a creating God. In other words, it highlights the fact that God has unlimited and unrestricted creative abilities, both in what He makes as well as what characteristics He endows His creatures with.

Potter’s Wheel Meaning

The Potter’s Wheel has a symbolism associated with it. He describes the creative activity of God in making things the way He wishes them to be.

God cannot be held responsible for how He makes things. There is no right of a creature to demand or rebuke God for how He made them. God works according to the method that brings glory to Himself, how he decides, and neither man nor angel has the right to rebuke God for anything. Satan will use anything he can to attack the righteousness of God, but Satan has to deal with God as his Creator, and as sure he (being a creature like us) has no authority nor right to tell God He has worked incorrectly.

The no-rebuke and no-complaint points are very important because a creature must accept the will of the Creator for their life. The potter makes one vessel for glory and another for dishonor. For example, one vessel to sit on the table while you eat, and another to wash your backside after going to the bathroom. One light is a chandelier and another one is a hall light for the bathroom at night. That is the decision of the Potter and not the thing created.

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God as Creator are works about God’s bring other things, persons, etc. into existence in the Creation that God has made. This act is God acting as a Creator. God thinks and works holistically. God made man, but God also made animals and plants before he made man so that man could sustain himself by having things to eat. Furthermore, God made man, but God in his wisdom understood that man alone is really boring and depressing, so he made a different kind of “man”, woman. That really livened thing up for man and men!

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Vane Vanity

Vane Vanity

The simple definition is just empty. It is used in Philippians of Christ emptying himself.

When used in reference to humans, it speaks of them not focusing on things that have eternal value.

So when people do not follow the heavenly that the Bible puts forth, but go after the earthly, they do not realize that naked they were born into this world, and naked they will leave it, with nothing. Only the things that they have prepared for eternity will be what will be waiting for them on the other side of death.

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Abomination of Desolation

Abomination of Desolation is a concept for Jews and Christians referring to a horrible person who defies God and works for Satan.

An expression that occurs three times in the Septuagint of Daniel (9:27; 11:31; 12:11) and twice in the words of Jesus (Matt 24:15; Mark 13:14), where slight linguistic variation exists. Luke’s account of this prophecy (21:20) is more general and speaks of armies surrounding Jerusalem. First Maccabees, quoting Daniel, refers these words to the sacrifice of swine’s flesh on the altar in Jerusalem by Antiochus IV, Epiphanes, in 168 b.c. (1:54). Josephus, without referring to Daniel, recounts this episode in detail (Antiq. 7.5.4). Jesus, in using these cryptic words of Daniel, is also predicting a desecration of the temple, or at least the temple area, which will parallel the catastrophic event of the past, so well remembered by the Jews of his day.

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Amtract entry for Minister

Personal Comment – A minister is a slave or servant (ownership is not particularly a concept with this concept, so whether the servant is your property or you are paying him as an employee, or he is doing this of his own free will, all are mixed in the concept). The concept here is that somebody is doing things for your personal benefit, or to an organization (ministers serve God by serving the church which is made up of individual members). The principle concept is to be of use or service to the one you serve.

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Amtract entry for hypocrite

Personal Comment – hypocrites is to present oneself as one thing when in reality they are something else entirely. Hypocrisy is just the opposite of what God is. God is a certain thing, and he presents himself as that thing. God is always true and presents things as they are, including in his presentation of himself to us. The point here of being deceptive is at the heart of Satan, and people that are hypocrites are exactly like Satan, presenting one set of norms, standards, or lifestyle when in reality they really are something totally different and opposite in spiritual nature.

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Holy, Holiness


Amtract dictionary entry on Holy Holiness

Personal Note – Holy means separated from the common, mundane of the world, and especially from the commonness which is now man, i.e. sin. Holy refers to that which pertains to God and his distinctiveness which is based in his character, purity, goodness, rightness, etc. We are holy when we become like God. That which is not like God is unholy, and there is yet further degrees of unholiness which become abominations in God’s sight. Holiness is a way of living that is pleasing in the sight of God, and this means being like Christ, being like God.

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